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Personal Color Viewer®

This versatile color visualization program lets you experiment with color before you even pick up a paintbrush. Preview color selections, even specialty finishes, on an interior or exterior home image chosen from a pictorial library, or import images of your own home.

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Pottery Barn

Benjamin Moore and Pottery Barn have joined forces to bring you inspirational color ideas for your home, including palette options for every season.

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To be perfectly accurate, you should probably call the Colorado State Health Dept., but I al ready did and this is what they told me. First, try to use it up. Second, try to donate it to someone who needs it. Last, add either cat litter absorbent, or a product we sell to solidify the paint (one bag per half gallon of paint) to you r latex paint to turn it into a solid. Then it may be put it in the sol id waste disposal containers that you use for other trash. Some folks have said they have used the same solidifier with oil base paint, but that doesn't work as well for me. The method I use for getting rid of oil base is to first stir it up, hang the can on a nail from the garage ceiling with the lid off, and every few months, remove and pitch the skin the skin, stir the paint again and hang it back on the nail. I do this until all the paint is gone, then pitch the can. Your county or community may be advanced enough to have a collection site for paint and other hazardous materials.